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The Arab American Business Council is dedicated to championing the growth and enrichment of businesses in the DMV region by providing opportunities for sharing information, networking and education. It strives to foster a sense of community among its members by improving the business climate. It also work on providing a forum for dialogue between its members, leaders, legislators, other interest groups and the general public; and by promoting public awareness of the contribution of its members economically, socially and other areas.

Our activities include:

  • Connecting American based businesses with local Arab-American community as well as finding potential business in the Middle East.
  • Training  members on topics of marketing, accounting, business registration, etc.
  • Workshops on issues of relationship building, diversity, and networking.
  • Partnerships with local chambers and business associations.
  • Meeting officials to educate them about Arab American businesses contributions.
  • Encourage AABC members to become more instrumental in American economy.
  • Social activities for our members and guest such as annual picnics, holiday parties, Ramadan, thanksgiving and other social type events.
  • Hold joint events with other chambers and business associations.
  • Mentoring members and young entrepreneurs who need help in many areas of business development.