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To become a member of AABC you have to accept our “Pledge and Code of Conducts” and fill out a membership application.

Pledge and Code of Conducts

  • Commitment to be an active member of AABC and attend as many meetings, networking, committees, social activities, etc.
  • Commitment to make serious efforts to refer business to other members on regular basis.
  • Willingness to offer discount to fellow members.
  • Work on empowering AABC in every way possible and present AABC outside the group in best way possible.
  • Have professional conduct with fellow members and in doing business in general.
  • Invite new potential member to AABC at every event and activity.
  • Display AABC logo on one or all of these choices: business card, website, window decal or place of business.
  • Participate with AABC at least once a year in our team volunteer efforts with a local charity.
  • Adhere to the fact that AABC is strictly a business entity that is neutral in nature to politics and religion.
  • AABC is open for all and will not tolerate any form of discrimination by its members.
  • Membership is not limited to Arab American businesses or individuals.
  • Applicants need to be approved by at least two third of the organizing Executive Board members.